2006 Exhibition in "Atelier Porte Ouverte", Mulhouse, France
2005 Exhibition in Venice, Italy
2004 Exhibition in "Atelier Porte Ouverte", Mulhouse, France
2003 Solo exhibition in·the gallery "JLl” in Zug, Switzerland - Exhibition in "Atelier Porte Ouverte", Mulhouse, France
2002 Solo exhibition with broadcast of the local Palatinate TV channel in a church home for the elderly and ailing
2001 Solo exhibition in the castle chapel of Fénétrange, Lorraine, France
2000 Group exhibition: City Hall of the XIth arrondissement, Paris Exhibition for contemporary art in Viry Chatillon, France
1999 Solo exhibition in the castle gallery of Bad Bergzaben, Germany
1998 Solo exhibition in a church in Pirmasens, Germany
Works from 1993-1996 are presented for the first time as diptychs and triptychs in a 450 mz space
1993-1998 Intensive work on new paintings
1992 Hotel de Ville de Levallois, group exhibition
Several works are published in the revue "Le 3e Millénaire"
1990 Group exhibition in the Galerie Jas de la Rimade V Solo exhibition: Galerie Phillippe Mabardi, Paris
Hall CNIT, Paris-La Défense
Salon L'Art Sacré, Paris
1989 Exhibition with 27 works in Marais, Paris
Exhibition with 35 works: Galerie Jas de la Rimade in Carces, southern France
1978-1987 Salon L'Art Sacré, Paris
Salon Figuration et Critique, Grand Palais, Paris
1977-78 Move to Beverly Hills
1977 Exhibition in Frankfurt/Wetzlar (40 new oil paintings) Exhibition in Los Angeles, Gallery Westside
1974-1977 Intensive work on oil paintings
1974 Galerie Backergrube, Lubeck, exhibits drawings from the years 71/72
1972 Solo exhibitions: Universitatsgalerie Amsterdam, "Basler Kunstmesse"
through Shorewood, New York, 2 lithostones near Brousberg, Zurich, for the Marlborough Gallery in London
Travels to Sweden and Finland
1971 Exhibition at the Deutschen Kunstverein (German Art Society) Stuttgart
Travels to Spain
1970 Member of the Artists' Association, Frankfurt Exhibition at the Artists' Association and solo exhibition
Travel to Italy
1969 Student in the class of Paul Eliasberg (student of Paul Klee) at the Staedel, Frankfurt a.M.
1968 Travels to Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Persia
1965-1968 Staatl. Hochschule der bild. Kiinste (University of Visual Arts), Berlin
1963-1965 Staatl. Hochschule der bild. Ktinste (University of Visual Arts), Stuttgart
1940 born in Ludwigsburg, Germany